The Anglican Parish of All Saints' Drayton Valley

What is happening in the Life of All Saints?


Casual Art Group

Starting this September we are inviting anyone who has an interest in art to come and share our talents.  We hope that people, who work with various mediums, will feel comfortable sharing their talents, teach each other new skills and explore their spirituality through art.  We will plan to explore different Christian themes by working on individual pieces and together on possible installations, which hopefully will be shared with the rest of the body of believers.  

If you enjoy painting, drawing, sculpture, quilting, scrape-booking, photography, cinematography, poetry, composing or anything that draws out your imagination please consider joining us.



Because our lives growing increasingly busy and Sunday becoming more often a working day for many of us, we are inviting you to an evening worship service.  This service will explore several different types of liturgy from healing services, compline and prayer services.  We will make this a sacred space so that you may enter into silence with God and one another.  If you are seeking a quiet sacred space in the midst of our busy and loud lives please consider sharing this time with us.  We will begin a trial time on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm. 


Sunday School 

The new Sunday School program has begun!  We are using a plan that will relate to the Biblical readings that the parents will hear during the sermon.  

Bible Study

Please join us for Bible Study in the fall on Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm.  We explore various themes and look deep at certain books of the Bible.  All are welcome!  We are studying the Book of Romans.  Please join us for any or all of these studies.   


How to Relax and Enjoy Evangelism

Does your heart pound when you hear the words “witness” or “evangelism?” You are invited to hear why evangelism doesn’t have to be stressful. This event will be held Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 10am - 4pm at St. Margaret's 12603 Ellerslie Road in Edmonton.  Let Rev. Emma know if you would like to join a group going?

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